Let’s Be Legal…

At Georgetown University NSLC.

S Man comments on the mock trial!


Looking good!


It’s On the Wall…

The hole was closed up, mudded, painted, the area expanded, bracket installed, cords run thru the wall, cords moved over so they would be behind the tv(patch one hole and open another – not our mistake!), mantle re-installed (level and sturdy) and the tv then lifted up onto the bracket. Looks good. 


Hanging in There…


So we put in new wood, new studs – up and down and sideways and Toph installed the new plug-in – the one the electrician should have done without all this extra stuff.


Then the new wallboard went up – cut outs for the the plug and the wires and now to finish taping, mudding and painting. We opened the can of living room paint and found that it is not living enough to be used! Anyway, it is almost complete!

We may not list it after all!

We are Left Hanging…

The electrician came to install the plug for the TV above the fireplace and said, “I can’t.” Just like on those HGTV shows, Property Brothers or Love it or List it!!!


Seems like there was a problem some years back and they put it back together, sort of, and sealed up the wall. That stud is hanging by a thread, supporting nothing and cannot be used to attach any new electric box or such. 

So the area is now cleaned out and we are ready to add new lumber, insulation, and electrical stuff and hang the TV. It still involves several people and several schedules so we will see. 

I did say, “List it!”


Awaiting the Hanging…


The picture has been moved from above the fireplace to above the piano. Looks good. That’s Lake Kampeska, Watertown, SD.


The new chair is here functioning properly. And the new sofa is just sitting there pretending none of this is its fault!!!

The new TV should be operating today. We will see!

We Have Been Saving Up…

For some time now we have been planning on buying a new couch – or J has been in relentless pursuit of said item and I have been trying to economize and save up some funds. 


The hunt has been successful, although when G accompanied Grandma to do the final selection and purchase, this was not the one. But G was convincing and here it is. So we are done – or so I thought. First, those pictures will have to be moved over!


Then, while celebrating Father’s Day, it was decided we needed a new TV and it should be installed above the fireplace. That meant moving the picture that was just recently hung there and buying a bracket to hang the TV and cords and wires and wire covers and a myriad of other items to many to enumerate.


Meanwhile, the girls have given the new couch their approval. And they say they can watch TV from it – no problem. 

Now word has it – via Julie who called J and told her that the new chair that she had purchased for me was to be delivered this Wednesday and perhaps I should be told of its imminent arrival. So, as I said, we had been saving for a new couch but…

Can You Get Enough…

Went to the church sponsored ice cream social for the first time. Miss Martha’s Ice Cream Crankin’ held this year at the Presbyterian Church, Nashville and Chris was enlisted to drive our church bus between the parking lot and the event across the street.


Chris guessed that admission would be maybe five dollars or so. We pooled our money, two adults and three kids – we took a little extra. When we arrived at the gate, the adult price was 13 dollars. We didn’t have enough money to get us all in!! Then J came up and handed me some tickets. A gentleman offered her four tickets since he had extra and wanted someone to have the tickets – someone needy – that was us. Then one of the girls had an adult ticket and I was buying an adult ticket so we switched – I bought a kids ticket. Now the fact that this was all for charity did occur to me but it didn’t occur enough to deter the ticket acceptance and switch.


Anyway, we got in and what a place – what a lot of ice cream – what a lot of nice people – Presbyterians, of course. Well, I don’t know if the crowd was or not but the people behind the tables, scooping out ice cream were. G was spotted and immediately put to work at our church’s table – they had more ice cream than scoopers. She could have gotten in free! But we were okay with it.

Ice cream was everywhere and the thought occurred to me that most of the people were just trying to ruin the taste of good vanilla ice cream. But as I went from table to table, I had to admit there was some very creative people with very good ice cream. It is a contest also. One year, not so long ago, a church member of ours won and the ice cream company sponsor thought the favor good enough to manufacturer, which they did for about a year. 

We met with the workers from our church and friends from the Y who had a teenager with them visiting from Southern California. The girl went off with our teenagers and about to be teenagers and had a good time roaming around the extensive grounds of the church. Good day for ice cream and lots of fun.

This year’s winner was from the Hillsboro Presbyterian Church with the flavor – 2 x Chocolate Cherry Oreos & Cream