St Paul’s Calls…

Could have been…


What we thought was the library turned out to be the train station and the Renaissance Hotel. Beautiful building!! Well, it could have been the library, don’t you agree?


The library is a much more modern building but loaded with books and more!!!

More Bath…

Our tour guide for Stonehenge and Bath, an immigrant from Chile, spent the first part of the bus trip putting his hair in that bun. Good guide but repeated himself quite often. We weren’t with him all the time as we had our own tour of Stonehenge and the visitor center and at the bathes and the town as well.

Bath was fun to walk around and see the various shops and restaurants.


Sally Lunn’s restaurant goes back a few years!!

A Day at the Library…


Travelled to St Pancras to visit the British Library. The library has many treasures as well as books. 


This piece of artwork is a tapestry. It took 7000 hours to create. It is 23 feet square and took 247 pounds of wool. It is called, “If Not, Not.” As is the painting it was taken from.


You do tend to notice it. 


The library of King George the III was donated here – 65,000 books, 19,000 pamphlets, maps and manuscripts – so if you run out of reading material at home…

Baptism by Music and Water…

Back to St Paul’s Cathedral for the Epiphany Procession service. The choir was young boys and older men – the soprano voices were beautiful. The service proceeded and when the choir and ministers moved to the center of the sanctuary, the entire congregation followed. Gifts were offered to the new born child, the incense burned. A prayer was said and then the huge cathedral went quiet. A short time later the choir voices began to sing and the sound filled every corner of that vast building, washing over you with a peace and a joy to be there in that moment, in that place and in that time. All your senses were in play as the song continued and all were invited to participate. We then moved as one to the front of the church…

We surrounded this font, more music, responsive reading and then that choir once again, singing like angels, held us in rapt attention while the minister baptized us all by casting water over our heads. Then back to our seats in the middle of the church – it is a big building! Marvelous service!

We then stayed for an organ concert by a young lady from Russia.