Touring Craig’s Yankton…

1st married student housing - 8-62

On the way to Sioux Falls airport to send Craig back to Colorado, we toured his early living quarters in Yankton, SD. The apartment on the right was the first home he knew, the married student housing for YC. It was small but sufficient and we were surrounded by wonderful friends.


Later we moved into these (at the time) brand new apartments – still college owned. Ours was the bottom left and it was very nice. We traveled past the hospital where Craig was born, the house where we lived and drove around the college, which is now a federal prison and then headed to Vermillion for lunch with Frank and Mary. After lunch, we made a bee line for the airport and arrived with not much time for him to have to wait around. 


I went on the Iowa, stopped in Manson, visited the cemetery, dropped in at the senior center to visit with Denny Peterson and then headed for Davenport.

Pre-Party Party…

IMG_20170422_190634083 (1)

This is Red and Blanche at the Comfort Inn in Mitchell, South Dakota the night before the big party. Becky called Dale, Craig and I and said she and 45 of her closest relatives were coming to our hotel, using the breakfast room for a party and bringing lots of food and drink. I was appalled. I said you can’t do that. Becky said, “we can and will.” Dale nonchalantly walked to the front desk, inquired and informed everybody, “they said it is okay as long as we clean up.” I was amazed – so here they came. Kids, parents, food and all. It was a great pre-party party.

The next morning, the Jones clan headed for the Congregational (United Church of Christ) Church for morning service. Our group ran them out of programs so the minister and staff went to run off more and as a result of that the service started late. It is a large church but lacks people in the pews much like many churches across America. Beautiful facilities but expensive to maintain and not many “maintainers”!!! We did enjoy the singing and the sermon. 

Then it was off to Red and Blanche’s home and some quiet time with the birthday duo. Such a wonderful occasion.


And Your Emcee is…

Chris booked a gig and then had his son, our S Man, fill in for him because he was double booked.

The CASANA group which works with apraxia was the event. It was well attended with people coming quite a distance. The setting, Centennial Park in Nashville, was perfect.

S Man did a wonderful job – admitting he was nervous at first – his father allowed him an hour after setting up to worry about his part – but once he started he was great.



One For the Ages…

Went to Mitchell, South Dakota to celebrate the birthdays of Red and Blanche Krell, both 100 years old – she in December 2016, he in January 2017.


They closed the restaurant to the general public and had a party, relatives and friends coming from miles around.


It was a great party with kids, grandkids, great-grandkids, nieces, nephews and one party goer that didn’t quite have what it takes to keep up with those hundred year olds!


Great grandbaby Quinn and  Sleeping Beauty Helen.


Nieces and nephews from Oregon, Missouri, Iowa,Minnesota and Tennessee – daughters from Colorado and Utah and son who lives in Mitchell, South Dakota.


The birthday “kids” and some other kids. 5 Jones kids – Nancy could not be there because of recent back surgery. Son Craig accompanied me and was a welcome addition. It was the grandest of parties and everyone said so and everyone enjoyed being there in the company of such a wonderful couple. The people at the restaurant were marvelous. The place is Red and Blanche’s “Cheers,” everybody knows their names!!!


Aunt Blanche could not pass up a chance to indulge in one of her favorite pastimes – reading books to children, loving books and kids almost equally and reading with feeling and putting meaning into the words and the story. 



A Burning Desire to Wrestle…


S Man went to wrestling camp and he wrestled a lot, working out in the gym and spending quality time on the mat. He had his head move along the mat a couple times and the result was a “mat burned” forehead. He said it was just one of his opponents who managed to do this. It seems there is always someone bigger and better – except for the last one standing. He did learn a lot about wrestling but now turns his attention to cross country.

(click on photo to enlarge)

V B S – Presbyterian Style…

El and G finished up their helping at Vacation Bible School today. The theme of the week was “Heroes Central.” Today the helpers were to dress as super heroes. S Man had run for cross-country practice early this morning and had to help his dad do some sound equipment work at the church. He decided to stay and participate. He made up a costume.

The “uniform” of the day was a red shirt. Each day was different and the girls used their middle school green for one day, the blue shirt day came from their soccer uniform stash but there was no purple shirts – they bought two. S Man got away without conforming to spec. He had fun and several of his ‘buds’ were there helping as well and the girls worked hard all four days. The program was a sell out and the noise level when I went to pick them up was, in my opinion, dangerously high – but kids having a good time should be allowed to make some noise.

S Man walked home from our house still dressed as above. We haven’t heard if he make it safely or not but he should have been okay – he is a super hero!